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World Population Day

World Population Day

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Take action. Inspire change.

Johannesburg, 17 July 2014. All over the world, nations have respected and admired Mandela for his unfailing integrity, his belief in democracy and collective leadership.  He had the talent to inspire friend and foe alike.  Children, world-leaders, academics, pop stars, the underprivileged, the wealthy, the frail – he is loved and revered to an unmatched degree.

Rwanda Ready for Sustainable Sugarcane Production

Johannesburg, 11 July 2014. Known as ‘the land of a thousand hills’, Rwanda is famous for its lush highlands, deep valleys and Mountain Gorillas. But it’s the low-lying land currently causing concern among the country’s rapidly increasing population.

The Great Walk and DecongestSandton

Johannesburg, 17 June 2014. Joining Cycology and the Green Building Council of South Africa is Royal HaskoningDHV, an international consultant company, in a campaign to create awareness of green mobility alternatives with a focus on electric bicycle commuting and the development of cycling routes throughout Sandton.

Half-way point: Climate Change Vulnerability Assessment for the Swartland

5 June 2014, The half-way point has been reached in the important climate change vulnerability assessment currently underway by Royal HaskoningDHV for The Swartland Municipality, on the Cape West Coast. The project involves the towns and surrounding areas of Malmesbury, Moorreesburg, Yzerfontein, and Darling.

Royal HaskoningDHV goes the extra mile to get the job done!

Johannesburg, 8 June 2014. Despite living in the age of high technology and convenience, sometimes situations demand a more traditional approach to accessing essential information.

Invasive Species Management

Johannesburg, 22 May 2014. Did you know that Southern Africa’s landscape is one of the most globally diverse? Its Cape Floral Kingdom for example, is one of only six floral kingdoms in the world. This ecosystem supports 9,600 recorded plant species, 70% of which are found nowhere else on the planet. Yet this precious asset is under threat by invasive alien plant species.

Enterprise development beneficiary agreement with Shuma Africa Projects

Johannesburg, 15 May 2014. Royal HaskoningDHV, South Africa and Shuma Africa Projects signed an Enterprise Development Agreement in Johannesburg on the 8th May 2014.

April | World Heritage Day

Why is heritage so important to us? We believe it’s because time-honoured traditions, buildings and landscapes help shape our social identity and provide us all with a sense of connection; to each other, to our communities, and to the past. This connection is what grounds us and gives us all a sense of direction.

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Climate Resilience through Early Warning in Ghana

Agreement with UNDP


Johannesburg, 17 July 2014. International engineering and project management consultancy Royal HaskoningDHV, in cooperation with consultancy firm HKV, has been appointed by the United Nations Development Programme for the provision of services to develop disaster risk and early warning systems in Ghana.

The latest state-of-the-art technology will be deployed to forecast climate hazard events which will allow increased time for the Authorities to take action thus saving lives and reducing the social and economic damage caused by floods and droughts.

Hundreds of thousands of people in Ghana are threatened by natural disasters every year. In 2010 for example, heavy rainstorms caused floods which killed dozens of people, made more than 700,000 people homeless and caused direct damages worth millions of dollars.

Floods and droughts

The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) is initiating this early warning project to reduce the country’s vulnerability to extreme climate events. Mr Rene da Silva, UNDP’s Deputy Country Director in Ghana said: “We are supporting the Government of Ghana to become a climate resilient nation and to reduce human losses and damages caused by floods and droughts.”

The project covers the metropolitan districts of Accra, Kumasi and Cape Coast, the city of Techiman and 5 other districts - altogether home to millions of people.

The pProject team consists of Royal HaskoningDHV (lead), HKV - a Dutch company specialising in water and safety, SNV Ghana - a not-for-profit development organisation, and local experts.

Early warning systems

The Royal HaskoningDHV-led team will work with the Community Resilience through Early Warning (CREW) Project Management Unit in Ghana to assess the disaster risks on the national scale and for the selected cities and districts. The consortium will assess both the current situation as well as future scenarios, taking into account climate change and autonomous developments. The team will design a master plan for the early warning systems and prepare an inventory of the gaps and needs in data, knowledge and structures. The master plan will combine rainfall prediction, model simulation and geographic information to provide regionalised forecasts.
The project will also evaluate international drought forecasting initiatives and factor in regional vulnerabilities to provide timely warnings for climate events which could threaten food supply to large parts of Ghana. Capacity building and knowledge transfer are an integral part of the project.

Health and well being

“Early warning systems create the essential time for authorities and communities to react to a developing situation. The project will have a significant positive impact on the health and well-being of Ghanaians as well as on the country’s economic development” says Willem Kroonen, Royal HaskoningDHV’s senior project manager.” Our team was chosen because of our expertise in this field and our local knowledge and presence.” Both Royal HaskoningDHV and HKV have experience with early warning systems in many countries such as Indonesia, Bolivia and Ireland.

The project is funded by the Norwegian Government. Ghana’s National Disaster Management Organisation (NADMO) is the Implementing Partner. The project will be completed in August 2015.